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New Members

Cafe Ruche

Barbara Chopin
101 Old Ridgefield Road
Wilton, CT 06897
(203) 529-6886

Clear Conscience Pet

Amanda Malone Bennie
P.O. Box 633
Wilton, CT 06897
(203) 762-8620

Aranci 67

Julia & Antonio Perillo
7 Main Street
Redding, CT 06896
(203) 587-1300

Fairchester Driving Service

Paul Niche
56 Grumman Hill Rd.
Wilton, CT 06897
(203) 650-6394

Member Spotlight

Mortelliti Contractors

Mortelliti Contractors, Inc. crews are well trained and come with many years of experience. Their team has the right tools to safely remove built up of snow and ice on your roof. With heavy snowfall, there comes a danger of roofs collapsing under the weight of ice and snow if it is allowed to accumulate. When snow accumulates on a roof, a cycle of melting and refreezing occurs. This refreezing gradually forms ice dams, a growing heap of ice that blocks path of the melted snow. The melted snow that pools up behind it can leak back under the roof shingles and into your home which can cause water damage to the interior. Allow their trained professionals take care of this before any damages occur.

Mortelliti Contractors, specializing in roofs since 1931, are licensed, fully insured and also carry Workman’s Compensation coverage for their employees. Call them today at 203-984-0905 or 914-592-6860 to make an appointment.

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