The Wilton Chamber of Commerce was founded in 1989 by a group of community-oriented business people seeking to improve the business climate in Wilton.

The Wilton Chamber now includes over 350 of Wilton’s finest businesses and businesspeople, and offers a wide variety of programming.

Benefits of Membership

By being a member of the Wilton Chamber of Commerce, you merge your business strength with that of the entire community to make your voice heard on important issues that affect your business.

  • The chamber sponsors many programs and events throughout the year.
  • Many local businesses offer member-to-member discounts.
  • Participation in our Wilton Gift Certificate program can help grow your business.
  • Members can opt to receive high-quality medical and dental insurance(PDF) at affordable rates.
  • Through our educational program and gatherings, you can engage in networking and make new business contacts to help your business grow.
  • Leverage our targeted, effective, and affordable advertising and promotional channels to heighten awareness of your business.

Why not join the Wilton Chamber today?

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